About All Saints

Leadership Team

Headteacher – Mr S Pender

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs C Siddall

Assistant Headteacher – Miss R Connolly (Teaching and Learning)

Assistant Headteacher – Miss J Picknell (Post 16)

Assistant Headteacher – Mr J Prosser (Student Inclusion and Achievement)

Assistant Headteacher – Mr A Weir (Student Achievement and Support)

Senior Finance Manager – Mrs W Burroughes

Heads of House

Director of Student Achievement and Support - Mrs J Breislin

Belief (Fides) – Mr S Needham

Courage (Virtus) – Miss H Farnell

Endeavour (Conatus) – Miss R Percival

Fortitude (Fortitudo) – Miss V Moody

Perseverance (Constantia) – Mr B Cutting